Our 2020 Focus

We have started 2020 with a brave move. It is difficult for anyone to say goodbye to people, but especially when they are part of a business you have worked really hard to nurture. On 17th January 2020, we will bid goodbye to The Windmill Coffee Shop in the town centre. We made this decision,…

Community Organising in Woodley

The first blog from our CEO Anne Wallace OBE Apparently I reflect too much. My daughter tells me it just makes me bitter and I shouldn’t look back but I think it is part of my learning style and it helps me to make sense of things and understand what has worked and why and what hasn’t…

Why Digital Inclusion Doesn’t Happen On It’s Own.

As an organisation focusing on digital inclusion, we are extremely fortunate to receive funding from Good Things Foundation, but we wouldn’t accept that funding if it wasn’t matched by budget holders within the town we are working. Our attitude is that if we are able to bring external money into our borough, that has to…

Communiversity – Sharing Skills & Connecting People

We run an award winning financial resilience programme delivered by real experts. We know they are experts because they are every day people who have, or are, working to get out of debt and achieve their own goals.

What Is CommuniTea?

We enjoy making a meal out of food. Our commitment is to reduce loneliness in our communities by coming together over food. In addition, we are dedicated to reducing food waste and supporting emergency food provision in Stockport.

Community Organising & Volunteering

We know community organising works. We measure success by the demand for our services. By supporting people to be the solution, we welcomed over 1500 people in 2016, with only 4 members of staff and 32 volunteers.

Kids Who Code

We know that technology is changing at a rapid rate and want to support young people to learn new skills and increase employment opportunities for the future.

Because Coffee Could Just Change The World.

Our aim is to create a place where you belong and where we can sell coffee so we can all do stuff. Established solely through private investment, we have been able to focus on the change that our community wants to see. As a social enterprise we reinvest 100% of our profits into helping people to engage more in informal community learning.