The Starting Point Charter

In September, our team spent time away in Giggleswick reflecting on the last 18 months and developing our plan for the future. Thanks to our work with Ansuz Action we have developed a charter for our work going forward. But first, some pictures of our time there…

Our Charter:

Starting Point is committed to sharing and developing our skills with our community in a kind and friendly way.

● We will be approachable, honest, and transparent
● We are real. We care about one another and our business.
● We will learn and share new skills in an inclusive, safe, dynamic, person-centred

● You will be welcomed, listened to, and know that your opinion and experience is valued
● You will be treated with respect as an individual.
● We will be consistent and dependable, and you will know that if Starting Point
does not have the skills or knowledge to help, you will be effectively signposted
rather than passed from pillar to post
● You will be supported to connect with others and take more control of decisions
affecting themselves and their community
● We will create a culture of participation
● We will advocate for justice and change

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