Going to Greenwich

Here at Starting Point, we have always known the barriers that people face when they aren’t online. From accessing banking when the local branch has closed and you don’t know how to use a banking app to simply knowing what colour of bin to put out on what day, there is so much information online.

The pandemic has exacerbated the need for people to be comfortable in using technology. Work and families went on Zoom, people shopped online like never before and we even started to see our doctor through a phone or laptop. Can you imagine what it feels like to not have access to these things?

That is why the digital team here in Stockport are so excited to work with communities in Greenwich to develop solutions to support local people to get online. The team involved with the work are below and you can find out more information by contacting james@startpoint.org.uk

James Wilson – Digital Training Officer

I’m a training officer who has been working with Starting Point on and off for the last 6 years whilst completing my degree at Birmingham Conservatoire.

I started off as a Digital Champion attending the IT sessions helping learners with their devices and now work full-time, helping learners and digital champions around Greater Manchester.

I am also responsible for the Stockport Lending Library which helps to getting devices and data out to those who need it most. We loan out up to 300 devices at any one time, and it’s been great to see the instant help that gives people, especially during lockdown.

Ryan McMurdo – Senior Digital Training Officer

I have worked for Starting Point for the last ten years and currently head up the digital team.

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to win the Technology for Good Young Persons Award for my commitment to supporting people to get online.

I have managed a large Good Things Foundation contract for over 5 years, which saw over 1000 people each year get support to take their first steps in the world on online.

I now work with Stockport Council and the wider Greater Manchester Digital teams to realise their ambitions to get those most as risk of being missed out, to get access to devices, data and skills.

During 2020, I worked alongside Nicola and Community Organisers to establish #OperationWifi – a national campaign to get free data to people who need it the most.

Nicola Wallace Dean – Programme Manager

I have worked in IT for most of my adult life. Before helping to establish Starting Point, I worked as an IT trainer for IBM and later the Ministry of Justice.

I am really passionate about understanding the barriers people face to get online including the affordability of devices and data, as well as the skills and confidence to get stuck in.

I like to make training easy to follow and fun. The best way to learn how to search for something online or even print it off, it to look for a cake recipe and then make the cake!!! Learning should be about life skills that help you in your every day life.

I am also a trustee of Good Things Foundation, an international digital inclusion charity.

Amelia Clarke – Digital Coordinator

I joined Starting Point during the pandemic after working at a pop up COVID vaccination centre.

I really enjoy meeting new people and spending time to understand what their worries are about about using technology.

I have grown up in a time where everything can be done on your phone, and it is good to understand why others don’t feel as confident.

I am also a classically trained singer.

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