Our Team

Our Community Team:

Alice Harris – Trainee Community Organiser – Diversity & Inclusion

Amelia Clarke – Digital Coordinator (Lending Library)

Carl Harris – Digital Advisor (Employment & Benefits)

Cassidy Bateman – Trainee Community Organiser (Young People & Environment)

Clara Jones – Head of Digital

Dan Oliver – Head of Communities

James Wilson – Digital Training Officer

Kath Thistleton – Coffee Shop Community Connector

Head of Online Learning

Nicola Wallace Dean – Chief Operating Officer

Rachael Pritchard – Wellbeing Training Officer

Scott Mills – Trainee Community Organiser (Digital)

Our Coffee Shop Team:

Abbie – Part Time Barrister & Student

Cerys – Part Time Barrister & Student

Harley – Week Day Barrister

Kerrie – Weekend Barrister

Mia – Part Time Barrister & Student

Nicole – Week Day Barrister

Rhea – Week Day Barrister

email us at hello@startpoint.org.uk