Stockport Community Champions Training

Stockport Council are developing a Community Champions Scheme to provide support to people whose lives have been affected by COVID-19.

The aim is to create a network of community champions across the borough, through a wide variety of community activities but with a shared focus on improving health and wellbeing.

To find out more information about the scheme you can email

Starting Point Community Learning Partnerships, as supporting the council in their ambitions by offering training alongside Stockport College to all those wishing to be a champion.

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This page will give you all the information you need to know about the content of the Stockport Community Champions training delivered by Starting Point.

We will tell you about what you can expect from the training and it will also give you the opportunity to share information about yourself before we begin.

We can’t to meet you but in the meantime, if you have any queries get in touch by emailing me:

Resources for your group

We know you know the group you are a part of more than we do. Our courses are facilitated, not taught. This means that we give you tools, time to think and reflect plus a challenge to put your learning into action.

For this reason, we hope that group leaders will be an active part of the learning process. Below are a few introduction resources that you can use with your group prior to attending our courses.

Introduction Slides

Activity 1 – When I was 7-12 years old

Activity 2 – Pledge wall

Because you know your group best.

The Introduction Course

The introduction course is 6 hours worth of learning. This can be delivered as a one day course, or a few separate sessions – either over Zoom or face to face. It follows sessions hosted by Stockport College, you can find out more about those here:

During the course you will be introduced to the Community Organisers Framework. It provides a map of the process that starts with listening and it always aims to build power through action. You will be asked to think about the type of role you want to undertake as a champion. This could be as a connector, an organiser or a change maker.

Before taking part in this course you will be asked to complete a precourse questionnaire which can be found here:

What happens after lockdown?

Active Listening To Bring People Together

Listening to people is the foundation of community organising because it builds trust and relationships, uncovers issues and is an essential starting point for bringing people together to share stories, ideas and action.

Trust is so important when we start to share our stories around health. By asking powerful questions, we help people to tell their stories.

On this course, you will gain an understanding of why listening is important in organising your groups and you will develop practical listening skills to plan a listening event.

Find out what people want to see for their future.

Understanding Power

The dictionary definition of the word power is “the ability to act”.

On this course you will explore and develop your understanding of power: what power means and how power can be built in community to overcome social injustice and create change. 

Using fun and thought-provoking activities, and thinking about our own lives, we will think about the different types and effects of power and look at the ways that people can build power together through community organising.

Shifting and sharing power to bring about real change.

Moving to Action & Bringing About Change

This course builds on the Introduction, Listening and Power courses. On this course we get to the heart of the action.

What can we do together to create healthy neighbourhoods and communities?

How do we know what is the right action to take?  

How do we make mobilise our network of people?  

How do we work together to lead change?

Learn about calling people to action through stories and how community organising enables people to lead and support action which makes them feel powerful together.

Working to get stuff done and bring about real change.

“There is so much need but it’s often expressed through self-blame, this methodology could transform this negative view into positive action and a positive society “

Course Attendee