Renumeration policy

March 2020.

Starting Point Community Learning Partnership is a company limited by guarantee with an asset lock. We reinvest 100% of our profits into community action. We are also known as a social enterprise. As such we do not need a renumeration policy or to publish details of our pay. Despite this, we believe in transparency.

We believe that fair pay structures are a way to overcome poverty & we encourage more companies to follow.

In 2020, Starting Point have 5 board members, none of which take a salary or payment from the business. All have wavered their rights to claim expenses.

In 2020, no employee earns over £60,000. We share this, as this is information that charities have a legal requirement to disclose.

We pay living wage and above to all employees.

No employee will earn more than three times the salary of the lowest member of staff.

We are proud that we do the right thing when it comes to salary but we know we still have work to do. In 2020, we will be benchmarking our leave allowance against similar organisations to explore if we should be increasing entitlement for all.