Digital Training Resources

We are keen to support all our digital volunteers to support people in the most effective way possible. All our volunteers use the Learn My Way training programme created by The Good Things Foundation.

Every week we will publish next weeks handout which will be used in most sessions. Contact the lead trainer for the session if you are not sure if you are following a different programme. This should give you some time to look through any handouts before the session you are supporting.

For week beginning 11th September we will look at Google Maps using the iLocate guide below.


Bridgehall will be running different sessions so please contact for more information on these sessions.

Digital Champion of the Month July 2017  was Adrian Kenyon – congratulations Adrian.



Our most recent volunteer training days are as below (contact to book on):

11th September 12.30 – 3.30pm Venue TBC Mindfulness & NLP taster session

Additional Handouts:

Starting Point 12 week session plans:

Week 1 – 4 LINK >>
Week 5 – 8 LINK>>
Week 9 – 12 LINK>>

Social Media Guides

Week 1 social networking and facebook

Week 2 social networking and facebook Part 2 

Week 3 social networking and facebook Part 3

Week 4 Social Media

social networking and facebook Part 3social networking and facebook Part 3social networking and facebook Part 2Social Media

Equity 10 Week Course Guides

Arthur Greenwood Session Guides

York Street Session Guides

iCan Session Guides

Start Point Google Quizes

Volunteer Training Resources


iPad NavigationiPad Navigation
The Tablet ChallengeThe Tablet Challenge
Touchscreen Keyboard
iPad v Android
The App Store
Using iCal week 1
Using 1Cal week 2
iPad Email week 1
iPad Email week 2
Creating A Gmail Account On A Tablet
Using Zoopla
Elf Yourself (Christmas)
Folders & Bookmarks
Siri & Other Things

Older Session: 
Session 1 Keyboard Basics
Session 2 Mouse Basics
Session 3 Using Cameras & Folders
Session 4 Starting With Email
Session 5 More Email
Session 6 Using Search Engines SH’s
Session 7 Security
Session 8 Saving Money
Sainsbury online shopping



going digital


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