We are a group of volunteers, co-ordinated by the Woodley Community Organising Group. We have posted flyers through over 6000 houses in our community.

For urgent help people should call or text 07312 124267 (10am – 12noon every day)

A huge thank you to Mosscare St Vincent housing for supporting us with the cost of our printing and phoneline.

Do you know someone who needs help? Please complete the below referral form with their details: 

If you would like to volunteer in our community please complete the below form with your details: 

We have a Facebook group for local people to join to come together and ensure no-one is left behind during a period of self isolation.  Please join here: LINK

This what what the flyers look like this. Feel free to print of you own.

What are our plans?

25th March 2020 – we are conscious that a few of our team haven’t had a break since 13th March. For this reason we are planning on buying two more phone SIM cards to share the load. The main number will stay the same but people will receive a message to contact an alternative number when required. Thank you to Good Things Foundation for offering to pay for two pay as you go SIM cards for us to make sure we can look after our team.