Starting Point is keen to support people to make positive changes through informal adult learning. One of our focuses is on food. For this reason t we have been really fortunate to be working with both Stockport MBC Adult Social Care and The Kindling Trust at Woodbank Park.

Working in total with 3 identified GP surgeries, but initially Alvanley in Woodley; we have supported in the design and delivery of a piece of work that sees patients being offered the opportunity to learn to grow and cook in a relaxed an informal group setting.

A Starting Point tutor facilitates a session weekly that encourages people to try new recipes.  From paella to pasties and soups to stock; we have looked at how locally grown vegetable bags can help people to make changes to the food they prepare and eat.  As a small social enterprise, Starting Point has not worked in partnership with SMBC before. We have been reassured that the people we have worked with understand our strengths and realise our limitations. The freedom to focus on what we do best has allowed up to develop a collaborative relationship with Kindling whilst being able to look to Alvanley and staff within Adult Social Care for advice on procedural matters.

We hope we are quite a modest organisation, but have really welcomed the credits we have been given for our work so far. On occasion, we see our work being used by others without fair and reasonable recognition. It has been a great experience for us to understand that this is not the norm.


As the project develops we will share stories and video of the work.

We are extremely keen for this work to be shared with as many people who could benefit. We aim to create a “project in a box” model for people to replicate our work should they find it beneficial. Below is the start of this… here are our recipe sheets. Please share and credit responsibly:

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Love Soup & Soda Bread

Shepherd’s Pie

Left Over Pasta Verde Soup / Broccoli Stalk Soup

Artichoke & Red Onion Paella

Meat Free Days

Ready Meal Challenge

Using Spice

Traditional Menus

Celebrations & Feasts