“When ‘I’ is replaces with ‘We’, even illness becomes wellness” Malcom X

We established Start Point as a space for people to come together, connect and lead happier lives. We know that spaces like ours, and services such as the ones provided by the Starting Point team are vital to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Our wellbeing team is temporarily headed up by nicola@startpoint.org.uk and primarily facilitated by rachael@startpoint.org.uk.


Communiversity is a 3 year, lottery funded programme that started in March 2019. It was set up with the aim to help people lead happier and healthier lives through sharing skills and building friendships. You can read the year one review here: Communiversity Report Yr 1 Public

In March 2020, Communiversity has became Crafternoon as a reaction to COVID-19 and living in lockdown. Local people shared skills and make friends through digital tools like Zoom, Facebook, Whatsap and text messaging. Post lockdown Crafternoon has been continued by local people who want to continue the local support and friendships formed at that time.

From May 2021, Communiversity has returned face to face as our coffeeshop has reopened its doors. We current run “getting to know you and our community” groups on a Tuesday afternoon and monthly evening events focusing on the local knowledge within our community. Events have included: poetry events, Ramadan celebrations, local history nights and a planned celebration of Alan Turing. To get involve people contact rachael@startpoint.org.uk.

Stockport Community Champions

Stockport Council are developing a Community Champions Scheme to provide support to people whose lives have been affected by COVID-19. The aim is to create a network of community champions across the borough, through a wide variety of community activities but with a shared focus on improving health and wellbeing.

To find out more information about the scheme you can email communitychampions@stockport.gov.uk.

Starting Point Community Learning Partnerships, as supporting the council in their ambitions by offering training alongside Stockport College to all those wishing to be a champion. We offer free champion training that starts with exploring what we mean by health, the role champions can take in creating healthier neighbourhoods, understanding barriers (including lack privilege and power) and how to look after ourselves as volunteers.

Working with Alvanley Family Practice

A tv show once said “everybody needs good neighbours” and we have plenty. No greater than Alvanley Family Practice. We offer our space and join together with their patient champions to build a stronger Woodley. Our work has included health evenings, support groups, referral pathways, sing alongs and support with the COVID-19 vaccination roll out.