Tony from Cherry Tree and Startpoint


Cherry Tree 4

Tony volunteers at Cherry Tree community Centre in Romiley. This community centre is based on the Cherry Tree estate and therefore many of the learners are Stockport Homes customers; however there are also learners from outside the area, such as Marple and Offerton, as there aren’t any sessions in these areas. Tony has attended all of the volunteer training sessions to expand on his own learning which helps when the questions from the learners get tougher!

He also joins the other volunteers on Friday afternoons for lunch where he shares his best practices and experiences with the other Digital Heroes.


Tony tells us about his experience as a Digital Hero:


“Volunteering as a Digital Hero has given me the chance to develop my computer skills while at the same time sharing these with the new learners. To pass on skills to people who want to learn iPad and computer skills as I did, has given me a real “feel good” experience. On top of that I have made many new friends and benefitted from their great talents.

Socially the friendship stemming from volunteering can’t be beaten. I would say to anyone “give it a try!”. You’d be surprised how worthwhile it is.”



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