Frank at Arthur Greenwood

Why Frank Volunteers


“I returned to Stockport two years ago after fifteen years. I did not know anyone in Woodley. When I heard about volunteering for Starting Point and the Stockport Homes digital heroes project I thought it would be a “nice idea” as I had some knowledge of computers. I did not realise the benefits and satisfaction it would give me. When the Arthur Greenwood computer club started I was reasonably proficient at teaching so started to help people with the help of Nicola and Ryan, and later Laura from Starting Point.


Now in the community I hardly walk a hundred yards without someone saying hello Frank or stopping for a chat. A lot different from two years ago. I now know a lot of lovely people in an excellent community. I also realised that I have a talent for teaching and am so lucky that I will shortly be attending a course at Starting Point which will give me a formal teaching qualification.


I am so thrilled that the Arthur Greenwood computer club is gradually becoming so successful and a real friendly atmosphere, especially since I had a large part in the initial set up. To anyone thinking of volunteering I have to say that the rewards are far greater than ever I could have imagined. To see someone who initially had no idea about computers and to know that I had encouraged them to attend the club and now they have a certificate in computing is a great pride for me.”

 What Frank’s Learners Have Said About Him

Nell Lewis

“I have attended since the start of the club and found it really worthwhile as I can now upload photos and use Google Earth, maps and videos on my iPad. I am learning how to read books and listen to music on my iPad at the moment.

I have found that writing notes makes things easier to retain information. There are so many benefits like companionship and bringing community together.


John Bagshaw

“I’d had experience of using a PC but had to ask my children to set things up like emails. I have found Learn my Way really easy to use and I can now email, type letters, search online i.e. Autotrader, transport timetables, the trainline, hotels and travel.

I have found the sessions worthwhile and I am improving weekly. I intend to buy my own laptop in the near future. The sessions get me out of the house and it’s a really friendly group.”


Wayne Gregory

“I didn’t know anything about computers before attending these drop in sessions and I can now email, shop online, send complaints and more.

Once I got into it, it became easier – although the keyboard was the hardest bit to learn. I can go back over sessions in my own time.

By coming to the club has meant I have met new friends and in addition I have been able to follow my interest in African art. I would like to research my family tree next.”


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