Digital – Margaret Harding

Margaret attends Offerton.

Margaret Harding

Why did you come to the session?
I wanted to know all about using the tablet. I felt I was missing out a lot when I was with my friends.
What’s been the best part of the session?
Finding out all the things that you can do with the tablet and being with people who are also wanting the same as me, getting to help each other.
From the things you have Learnt, What has had the most Impact? i.e. You are now in contact with people you’ve not spoken to in years, or maybe you now order Prescriptions online.
I have family living away but now I can email them, and at the moment I am learning to use Skype.
Do you have a story to share?
I would like to thank Julie for being so good with us, as you get older it’s harder to learn and she is very good with us and a great help.