Digital -Lynda Gordon

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Lynda Gordon Attends the Offerton Sessions.

Why did you come to the session?
Wherever I go I am asked for an Email address and felt it was about time to got in the 21st Century.
What’s been the best part of the session?
The teachers are very patient and will go over everything until it clicks, unlike my sons!
From the things you have Learnt, What has had the most Impact? i.e. You are now in contact with people you’ve not spoken to in years, or maybe you now order Prescriptions online.
Anything I am looking for I can look on my iPad saving me using the phone or traipsing round the shops. I do craft work and find this invaluable. I look up addresses, I Skype family in Scotland, I email friends and send photos.
Do you have a story to share?
Apart from the above which keeps me in touch with family and friends, I love to take photos of my Grandchildren. I was widowed 6 Months ago and my iPad has helped me not feel so lonely. I also love playing Scrabble so I have someone on hand to play against