Digital – Jackie Fish

jackie Fish

Jackie Fish Attends the Offerton Sessions.

Why did you come to the session?
My son bought me a tablet for Christmas and I’ve been thinking for a long time that I needed to get into the 21st Century. More and more you need to use the internet and of course it will go on and on! It also helps keep your brain active.
What’s been the best part of the session?
Meeting people and working at a steady pace that helps me. Explaining simply and you can ask again if you can’t remember something. You can also ask if anything has happened at home that you don’t understand.
From the things you have Learnt, What has had the most Impact? i.e. You are now in contact with people you’ve not spoken to in years, or maybe you now order Prescriptions online.
I can skype my Son and Family who live away.
I can Email.
I’ve Renewed my Bus Pass online.
I like ‘Googling’ for Information.
Do you have a story to share?
I’ve gained more confidence using the tablet, I used to ’email’ and then ring up to make sure it had ‘gone through’. This was definitely defeating the Object!!