Anne Holland


I started at Startpoint in 2011 as a learner after 28 years in an abusive marriage and a stroke in January 2011,

I spent three months feeling sorry for myself then one day my son Daniel said to me , mum why don’t you start computer lessons at Startpoint,

At first I wouldn’t but after a lot of mum go and mum why not I said I would go if my son sat with me.

I didn’t even know a how to turn a laptop on let alone use it and if it did something I didn’t understand I thought I had broken it and start to shake cry.

After just a short while Nicola Wallace the lady who runs Startpoint took me under her wing and my son stopped coming to sit with me.

Around six months I had finished the cause and I said to Nicola I have done it all does this mean I have to stop coming.

Nicola then asked me what do you want to do , I then replied joking with her, (your job) then disappeared and came back with a Name badge I asked her what’s this for she said well if you want more to learn how about becoming a volunteer I smiled and said really .

I was doing my volunteering for around a year the Nicola sat me down and talked to me about going to college I was so scared but I eventually did it and I have never looked back , I now teach IT to anyone who wants to learn and whenever I see a nervous learner I help them as much as I can just like Nicola did for me , I love seeing them smile when they get something I learn them and I always encourage them back telling them snip bits as to how got where I am now it always help them.

I left school in 1975 (funnily enough bth the year Nicola and also my son we born) without one qualifications at all being told I would never make anything of myself , Well guess what after all I have been through I proved them and other people in my life I did make something of myself and I am so proud of myself now.

I didn’t get Nicolas job but I did and still doing my best and still going to college and I hold my head proud knowing that if it wasn’t for people like Nicola and my son Daniel I would still be the victim and not where I am today.

Thank you to all the people who helped me back to the land of the living.

Update from Nicola: I am so touched by Anne’s words but she forgets to say that she is a truley remarkable woman. She now has Level 1 in Maths, Entry Level 3 in Online Basics and English, Level 1 in Word Processing and is working towards Level 2 in Word Processing and Level 3 (oh yes Level 3 Anne) in Education to Teach Adults. She’s amazing!


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