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Every week we will publish next weeks handout which will be used in most sessions. This should give you some time to look through any handouts before the session you are supporting. Scroll down to find this months theme. Contact the lead trainer for the session if you are not sure what week we are currently on.

We are keen to support all our digital volunteers to support people in the most effective way possible. All our volunteers use the Learn My Way training programme created by The Good Things Foundation.

Coping with COVID-19

During the current period of self-isolation and social distancing, being able to use digital tools to access life’s essentials, has become even more important. Below are 4 sections of our handouts and resources – health, communication, learning and transacting. We are pooling any of the handouts that we believe will help you during the current crisis, with a line about each under the link. If you feel there is a handout missing from the list, please e-mail us at


Back to basics – Introduction to internet safety – This handout directs you to the Learn My Way course about online safety as well as checking you understand what makes a strong password and how to identify a secure website.

Transacting online – This guide looks at various aspects of completing a financial transaction online including a look at GDPR, safe ways to pay online, strong passwords for your accounts and banking information used online.

PayPal – This handout shows you how to create a PayPal guide, how to link your debit/credit card with your PayPal account and how to use it to purchase something.

Online grocery shopping – This handout will show you the steps to make an account with a supermarket, how to choose a delivery slot, how to add items to your basket and then how to enter your details, securely, at the checkout.

Amazon – This handout will show you how to create an Amazon account, how to search for products, how to put items into your basket and how to process them at the checkout including payment and delivery options.

Broadband Genie – This guide will show you how to use Broadband Genie to search using your postcode for the cheapest deals in your area including filters that allow you to include TV packages and a phone line.

Price comparison – This handout will use Compare the Market to show you how you can use price comparison websites to help save money on your car insurance amongst other things.

Learning and other

Youtube for Learning –  This guide looks at YouTube and how you can use YouTube videos to learn new skills.

Learn My Way – This handout explains how to create a Learn My Way account and how to go about completing the free online courses aimed at helping people get to grips with the digital world.

iWatch BBC iPlayer – Missed that TV series everybody was talking about? Now is the chance to binge-watch a whole season in a day using catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer. – With all the latest news around the current crisis leading to people feeling uncertain and wanting information being able to access public service websites for local and central government is very important. Here you can read about Stockport Council’s website.– – With all the latest news around the current crisis leading to people feeling uncertain and wanting information being able to access public service websites for local and central government is very important. Here you can read the central governments latest information.


5 ways of wellbeing – This handout takes a look at the NHS recommended 5 ways to increase and support our mental and physical wellbeing, something of real importance during isolation.

BBC Food – As supermarkets struggle to meet demand, being able to make a meal out of what we have in the cupboards is going to become a vital skill. Got a celebration that’s had to be cancelled. Why not cook a meal and celebrate instead?

iRelax Session Plan – Using the Headspace app/website, this handout takes a look at ways in which we can manage our mental health through active meditation and mindfulness.

NHS App Library – The NHS has a library of recommended apps that look at various illnesses, exercises or conditions to help you better manage your health – both on and offline.

NHS website – For all the latest and accurate health information, you can visit the NHS website This website gives you up-to-date information and advice, houses a health encyclopaedia and can you help you identify local health services.

GP Service Online – This handout will you help through the process of registering with your GP. Not all GP surgeries allow online registration. Some haven’t enabled the online registration and some you will need to go into your GP to get a form containing your medical details.

Booking an Appointment Online – Once you’ve registered with your GP, you can complete various health transactions such as ordering your repeat prescriptions and booking appointments with your GP.

DigiKnow – NHS – Long COVID-19 – This handout looks at the effects of COVID-19 and specifically post-COVID-19 syndrome otherwise known as Long COVID-19.


Back to basics – Using Email -Digital exclusion and social isolation are two factors that are making self-isolation harder for our communities. Being able to keep in touch with friends and family, remotely, is vital at this time.

Android Email – This guide looks at how to add an email account to an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet as well as how to send an email.

iPad Email – This handout shows you how to add an email account your Apple device and how to complete some basic tasks like sending an email and including an attachment.

Creating a Facebook profile – Social media is playing a massive role in helping support communities during the current crisis. There are Covid support groups and neighbour help schemes all popping up on Facebook.

Using Facebook – Entering the world of social media can be overwhelming, so this handout it taking a look at how you can control your account and presence on Facebook.

Zoom – Zoom is a free to use video calling app and program that can be downloaded on to your devices. Used around the world by millions, this handout will help you access Zoom and call your friends, family and colleagues.

March 2020

Week 1 – DigiKnow – Favourites & Bookmarks

Week 2 – Using the NHS website

Week 2 – Using Learn My Way

Week 3 – 5 ways of wellbeing

Week 4 – DigiKnow March Quiz 2020

Week 4 – DigiKnow March Answers 2020

February 2020

Week 4 – February 2020 DigiKnow Quiz & DigiKnow February 2020 Quiz Answers

Week 3 – Travel – Travelling Locally

Week 2 – Booking a holiday online

Week 1 – DigiKnow January 2020 QuizDigiKnow January 2020 Quiz Answers

January 2020

As we begin the new year, we are going to be looking at ways in which digital can help us save money.

Week 3 – Money Online – Online and Mobile Banking

Week 2 – Money Online – Price Comparison

Week 1 – Money Online – Voucher Codes

December 2019

In a short, festive month we have a few Christmas themed handouts coming out this month, starting with Elf Yourself and ending with a quiz!

Week 3 – The big fat DigiKnow quiz of the year & The big fat DigiKnow quiz of the year – answers

Week 2 – DigiKnow – December Quiz

Week 1 – Elf Yourself

November 2019

Week 4 – DigiKnow – November Quiz & November Quiz Answers

Week 3 – Online shopping – Amazon

Week 2 – Online Shopping – Sainsbury’s

Week 1 – Safety & Transacting Online

September 2019 & October 2019

Week 9 – Q & A and Quiz

October Quiz

October Quiz Answers

Week 8 – Tools for curiosity collections

Disco Quiz for Get Online Week 2019

Stockport Smiles Photography Submission

Week 7 – Headspace and top wellbeing apps

Week 6 – Back to basics – Using online forms

Week 5 – Back to basics – Using Email

Week 4 – Back to basics – Using a Digital Camera

Week 3 – Back to basics – Using search engines

Week 2 – Back to basics – Introduction to internet safety

Week 1 – Back to basics – Using the internet

August 2019

Week 1 –

Week 2 – NHS apps & podcasts

Week 3 – BBC Food

Week 4 – Quiz

Week 4 – Quiz Answers

July 2019

Week 1 – Introduction to Photography

Week 2 – Introduction to Photo Editing

Week 3 – Photo Sharing

Week 4 – Photograph Competition

Week 5/Beginning of August – Quiz

Week 5/Beginning of August – Quiz Answers

June 2019

Week 1 – Google Maps

Week 2 – Bus Times

Week 3 – Train Times

Week 4 – Travel Exercises

May 2019

Week 1 – Public services –

Week 2 – Public services –

Week 3 – Public services tasks

Week 4 – WhatsApp – Making sure you are safe

May Quiz

May Answers

Week 5 – Stockport Local

April 2019

Week 1 – Skype Tablet Users Week 1 2019 

  Skype laptop users week 1 2019

Week 2- Skype Tablet Users Week 2 2019

Week 3 – iDEA

Week 4 – April Quiz    April answers

March 2019

Week 1 – adding contacts on your device

Week 2 – Podcasts

Week 3 – Searching holidays

Week 4 – March 2019 Quiz

February 2019

Week 1 – Online Safety

Week 2 – Internet History

Week 3 – Internet Cookies

Week 4 – February 2019 quiz   February 2019 Quiz Answers

January 2019

Week 4 – january 2019 quiz january 2019 quiz answers

Week 3 – change 4 life

Week 2 – couch to 5k

Week 1 – Alcohol – Too much Christmas spirit?

The Festive Spirit (December 2018)

Elf yourself iPads

Elf yourself Laptops

123 Greetings Laptop

123 Greetings iPad

Too much Christmas spirit? NHS

iCan (November 2018)

November Quiz – November 2018 quiz

November Answers – November Answers

Week 4 – iWalk

Week 3 – iLocate

Week 2 – iWatch BBC iPlayer

Week 1 – iRelax Session Plan

Preparing For Universal Credit (October 2018) 

Week 4 – Copy & Paste (from CV’s on online applications) FreshStart Support – Copy and Pasting from CV to Online Forms – Real
Week 3 – Online Forms FreshStart Support – Completing Forms
Week 2 – ID Verification on Verify FreshStart Support – Verifying I.D.
Week 1 – Can you access your email? Android Email Laptops – Accessing email iPad Email

Google ( September 2018)

Week 4 – YouTube YouTube using Google
Week 3 – Google Shopping &  News. Google Shopping & News
Week 2 – Google Maps Google Maps
Week 1 – Google Translate Google translate

Internet Of Things  (August 2018)

Week 4 – The Internet of Things – An Introduction The Internet of Things – An Introduction
Week 3 – Smart Speakers – Amazon Echo Dot & Google Home Mini Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Week 2 – Questions & Answers Week with a Google Quiz Summer quiz        Summer quiz Answers
Week 1 – Virtual Assistants (Siri, Cortana etc..)Virtual Assistants      Answers to Virtual Assistant Knowledge Checks

Saving Money Online (July 2018)

Week 4 – Broadband Genie Broadband Genie
Week 3 – Compare the market Compare The Market
Week 2 – uSwitch USwitch

Week 1 –NHS Party Celebrations & Quiz

Online Health (June 2018)

Week 4 – Finding out information about health conditions online – NHS Choices
Week 3 – Health forums – Health Forums
Week 2 – Booking an Appointment online –Booking an appointment online
Week 1 – Accessing your medical records – Registering with doctors.

Online Safety (May 2018)

Week 4 – Safety best practice – Safety best practise
Week 3 – Router Passwords (following the Panorama programme) Router Passwords
Week 2 – Blacklisting email addresses Blacklisting
Week 1 – Email spam and confirming marketing preferences Safety – Staying Safe With Email May 2018

Public Services (April 2018)

Week 3 – Public services Exercises
Week 2 – Public services
Week 1 – Public services

Travel (March 2018)

Week 4 – Travel Exercises
Week 3 – National Express Coaches
Week 2 – National Rail and Trainline
Week 1 – Bus Times

Learning New Skills (February 2018)

Week 3 – Q&A (not handouts)
Week 2 – Accessing Books Online
Week 1 – Skills for Life+ – NEW March Course – March 2018 2

Online Resources (January 2018)

Week 1  Using Digital Unite
Week 2  Youtube for learning
Week 3 Learn My Way
Week 4 iDEA

Starting Point Digital Heroes – 12-week session plans

Week 1 – 4 LINK >>
Week 5 – 8 LINK>>
Week 9 – 12 LINK >>

Social Media Guides

Week 1 social networking and facebook

Week 2 social networking and facebook Part 2 

Week 3 social networking and facebook Part 3

Week 4 Social Media

Adhoc Sessions

Social Media
social networking and facebook Part 2
social networking and facebook Part 3
Equity 10 Week Course Guides
Arthur Greenwood Session Guides
York Street Session Guides
iCan Session Guides
Start Point Google Quizzes
Volunteer Training Resources
Location Services
New Technology

iPads Sessions

iPad NavigationiPad Navigation
The Tablet ChallengeThe Tablet Challenge
Touchscreen Keyboard
iPad v Android
The App Store
Using iCal week 1
Using 1Cal week 2
iPad Email week 1
iPad Email week 2
Creating A Gmail Account On A Tablet
Using Zoopla
Elf Yourself (Christmas)
Folders & Bookmarks
Siri & Other Things

Older Session
Session 1 Keyboard Basics
Session 2 Mouse Basics
Session 3 Using Cameras & Folders
Session 4 Starting With Email
Session 5 More Email
Session 6 Using Search Engines SH’s
Session 7 Security
Session 8 Saving Money
Sainsbury online shopping

Holiday Kitchen – Coding Day

Stop Motion

Makey Makey


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