Digital – Doris Traynor and Marjorie Spollin

Doris & Marjorie pic for Case Study


Why did you come to the session?
I had recently bought a tablet and wanted to learn how to use it. The tablet I bought was on offer and I thought ‘For that price, I might as well’.
I also had bought a tablet and didn’t know how to use it, so I went to my local library and they sent me here!

What’s been the best part of the session?

Having a good laugh, learning, slowly and sharing knowledge on how to use a tablet.
Making friends and learning in great company.
From the things you have Learnt, What has had the most Impact? i.e. You are now in contact with people you’ve not spoken to in years, or maybe you now order Prescriptions online.
E-mails have had the most impact on me personally. It has enabled me to communicate with people.
It’s the environment we learn in and the help of the volunteers that has had the most impact.
Do you have a story to share?
Having a laugh – looking through the different health benefits of being online and getting a question regarding sexual intercourse. Funniest thing we’ve read all year.