Digital – Bob Dunkerley

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Why did you come to the session?

Learn more about how to use my Laptop. To meet new people & to make me move away from the TV.

What’s been the best part of the session?
The help and support from the tutors and volunteers.
From the things you have Learnt, What has had the most Impact? i.e. You are now in contact with people you’ve not spoken to in years, or maybe you now order Prescriptions Online.
Being able to do things online now like taxing my car, booking a pass for Dartford tunnel & being able to get a price for car parts.
Do you have a story to share?

I’m now 85 and I recently had a stroke whilst at one of my classes.  I lost the ability to speak and was able to communicate through writing in my notebook. The staff and volunteers were great with me, they made me feel comfortable whilst we waited for an ambulance, at no point did I feel alone or uncomfortable. I went to hospital and Julie stayed with me and ensured that my family and a local friend knew I was in hospital and in good hands. With the swift treatment I received my ability to speak gradually came back. A few days after my stroke I took some chocolates to the staff as a thank you, then a week later I was eager to continue where I had left off the previous week. I have since bought a Nutra Bullet to try and increase my vitamin intake to improve my health. The only problem is the recipes that came with it include really obscure ingredients that cost a fortune so my new challenge is to find some new smoothie recipes.