A Day In Digital

Scott and James at the Digital City Expo

What was so special about Tuesday 7th March? The Digital team had a particularly exciting day, and we wanted to tell you all about it, it was a day all about sharing learning, in several different places!

We started off at the Digital City Festival, attending the ‘Collaborating to get GM residents online’ event at Talk Talk Soapworks office in Salford. 

It was great to hear from speakers from Good Things foundation, Talk Talk, Salford Foundation, Wythenshaw Community housing and Greater Manchester City Council. The most powerful were personal stories from GM residents who discussed feeling more digitally included following support from local organisations. We recognise these experiences from participants in our sessions, and underlined why we were all there. GMCA invited us to give our take on why Devices, Data and Skills are the key to being digitally included. We were able to learn about other organisation’s ideas and also share some tips on running a successful digital lending library. We have over 400 devices lent out in Stockport, and it’s great to share what we’ve learned from this.

We didn’t stop there, we hurried back to Stockport – I was on the train, James and Scott in the car. Current score for public transport vs car: one all. I arrived in Salford 30 mins before James and Scott, but they were faster in the car on the way home. 

While we were out an about, our wonderful digital champion Paddy (known to some as iPaddy) alongside Rachael, held the fort supporting regular learners in Woodley.

On a Tuesday afternoon Starting Point run two regular digital skills session at York Street Community Centre. In our first session James and Scott did another type of exploring  – giving info on how to use google maps and travelling apps – very relevant after a morning finding a new venue. It’s great when participants in our session share what they’ve learned – one person found a photo of her old car on an archived version of Google maps, gone but not forgotten.

Our second session is ‘drop in’. Once you’ve registered, you can come with any question. We have a more fabulous digital champions here, and Gill, Chris and Diane were on hand at York Street to support, whatever you need.

Part of my afternoon was across Stockport too, travelling to the local pantries at Penny Lane and Woodley to share our leaflets about the digital lending library. It was good to chat to volunteers and people using the pantries, the pantries had some particularly nice looking pasta sauce that day!  We hope our sessions and lending library might be useful, and it’s always good to hear what people might need, and share what we can offer.

Although the 7th March was a day full of varied locations, we are usually easy to find at Start Point Coffee Shop in Woodley – unless we are running at session at Cornerstone, York street or Bridgehall. You can always email us on hello@startpoint.org.uk – or give us a call on 07724 217888 or 0161 494 9947. If you’d like to be part of our next busy day, as a learner, to borrow a device or volunteer with us, we’d love to hear from you. Hope to see you soon. Clara.

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