Monday Me-day at Starting Point – what does this mean?

A year in from lockdown and our staff team’s mental health is as important as their physical health.

Twelve months on from the first lockdown, The Starting Point team are trialling Monday Me-day starting tomorrow. This means, we are actively encouraged to reschedule face to face and online meetings to another day. We care about each other’s wellbeing and are promoting one day to picture, plan or prepare.

We have also thought about other ways to avoid video call burn out and you can read about them here:

💛We like to host 25 or 55 minute meetings. Everyone appreciates a 5 past the hour start. It allows us to make a coffee, nip to the loo or text a friend.

💛We ask people in a meeting request if cameras are required or not.

💛We close down our email and switch off our phones when in an online meeting.

💛We avoid seeing our own image onscreen.

💛We will set (and ask for) agendas to each meeting, so we can plan in advance and know what to expect.

💛We will suggest other ways to communicate like a quick call, detailed email or even a text.

What do you think?

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