Our 2020 Focus

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We have started 2020 with a brave move. It is difficult for anyone to say goodbye to people, but especially when they are part of a business you have worked really hard to nurture. On 17th January 2020, we will bid goodbye to The Windmill Coffee Shop in the town centre.

We made this decision, to focus our efforts solely on Start Point coffee shop and the community action funded from this business.  It was becoming clear towards the middle of 2019, that the efforts put in to the Windmill did not correspond to the benefits it could offer our communities. We are committed to still offering free computer drop in sessions at Cornerstone on a Tuesday afternoon thanks to our skilled staff team and dedicated volunteers.

On Thursday 6th February 2020, which is Time To Talk day, we will be launching CommuniTea. This is a coffee shop funded programme which offers a free space, resources and discounted drinks to people who wish to come together to support local people overcome challenges they may be facing. Our first CommuniTea will be focused around those affected by cancer and will happen on the second Tuesday of every month between 2pm – 4pm, starting on 11th February.

Our themes continue to be:

Digital Inclusion – hosting 12 free computer classes around Stockport every month, and proudly supporting Stockport Council’s DigiKnow programme. This work is partially funded by Good Things Foundation & Stockport Homes.

Wellbeing – being a place for people to connect and delighted to be facilitating CommuniTea. Our work also included a National Lottery Funded programme called Communiversity where people can learn new skills and share their knowledge with others is a safe and friendly environment.

Community Organising – in addition, to connecting people; we aim to change hearts, minds and systems. By bringing people together around common concerns we equip people will the tools to take action and bring about change. This work is funded by social enterprise, where our staff train these skills to paying customers that in turn allows us to offer courses to people in Stockport for free. We are a Community Organisers Social Action Hub and received funding to establish this work from Community Organisers from 2017-2020.

If you would like to know more about our work please contact info@startpoint.org.uk








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