Starting Point 12 Week Digital Training Programme


In 2015 Starting Point developed a 12 week training programme designed to aid volunteers who want to help people to get online.

This initial work was funded by Stockport Homes and their staff now use the below 12 weekly plans to support local people to get online. These documents are available free for your use on the condition that the correct author credits are always given.

In addition, Starting Point staff along with volunteers run 16 free computer sessions throughout Stockport each week.

We continue to support our volunteers with 121 contact, monthly training days, lunches, mandatory insurance and security checks and welfare support. To fund this we operate as a social enterprise, reinvesting 100% of our profits to go good.

A full library of documentation is available including trainer documentation, schemes of work, measures for learning and impact and tailored training. For more information about how Starting Point could help people in your community to get online please email

Week 1 – Introduction to Getting Online

Week 2 – Searching

Week 3 – Online Safety

Week 4 – Knowledge Check

Week 5 – Forms

Week 6 – Cameras

Week 7 – Email Week 1

Week 8 – Email Week 2

Week 9 – Problem Solving

Week 10 – Shopping Online

Week 11 – Communication

Week 12 – Moving On



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