Staying Safe Session Plans


We are starting new sessions in the next few months. Our sessions will be running on the first timeslot of the session, and we will then host support for people with their own specific issues on the section timeslot of the session. These changes will effect:

Oldham Drive Starting 14th November 2016

Cheadle Library Starting January 2017

Start Point Tuesday Starting January 2017

Perhaps York Street if it continues in 2017

Funding is a mixture of specific Awards For All funding like Arthur Greenwood Centre,

specific Tinder Foundation BIS funding like Start Point or a combination of both like

Cheadle library. This may also be relevant for Offerton in April 2017.

No session (with the exception of maybe York Street) will be closing.

Training will be focused on four specific topics that all last for 12 weeks each:

Staying Safe – this includes online and also spam texts & calls and also ensuring you house is safe. Volunteer training from Paul at Platypus.

Family & Local History – using Find My Past and also local maps (such as iLocate session from GOLW16), local walks and a Manchester tour for volunteers.

Staying Healthy – using online tools to stay healthy, including chair yoga using You Tube and the iRelax & the iWalk session from GOLW16. Volunteer training by Mind.

Photography – using various devises to take photos, printing & a final display. Volunteer training from Paul at Platypus.

Here are the session plans for the first set of session – Staying Safe:

Session 1 – Staying Safe

Session 2 – Personal Data

Session 3 – Banking Online

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8 – Spam calls & texts


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