Digital – Pradyuman Patel

Staring intently at the laptop screen is Pradyuman Patel. Mr. Patel has been coming along to our sessions at Cheadle Library for several months now as he wanted to learn how to use a computer and more importantly, to be able to contact his family…in Ahmadabad, the largest city in the Gujarat state in India. Always up for a challenge, Lee; the volunteer in the foreground of the picture, got stuck in to helping Pradyuman get to grips with the basics of being online.

An obstacle in helping Mr. Patel get to grips with the world of digital was the language barrier. After racking his brain with ways to help improve his communication with Pradyuman, Lee decided we’d give Google Translate a whirl. All of a sudden, both learner and volunteer were able to chat, share stories and learn together as the use of a digital tool benefited both Pradyuman and Lee!

હવે Pradyuman તેમના મૂળ ભાષા તમામ વધુ મદદ સાથે ભારત પાછા તેના મિત્રો અને કુટુંબ સાથે સંપર્ક કરવા સક્ષમ છે, અને.

Within a few months of attending the sessions, Pradyuman is now able to send e-mails to his friends and relatives living abroad – even sending and receiving pictures!


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