Learning how digital tools can improve our health 

The Lunch and Learn sessions at The Hub are a brilliant way to find out how we can use devices such as iPads, to improve our health at no cost.

This time we explored YouTube and how we can use the app to watch exercise videos, which we can do from the comfort of our own homes, and find music to help us mediate and aid our sleep. All this is free; you just need a wifi connection. Learners were able to find videos on various health conditions in which they suffer from, and following their session plan, they were able to share these videos with friends.

The group also looked at free apps to help them relax. These apps included Recolor and Headspace and learners explored how they could print pages from their devices and also how to benefit from using headphones in order to remain at peace. Some of our learners realised that this was also useful when their partners are watching something awful on the television! 

Finally, we looked for healthy (and tasty) recipes online. We used the Slimming World website to find a pancake recipe. We then took to the kitchen and got flipping! Using fruits in season, and keeping within the Queens birthday theme, we decorated them with strawberries, blueberries and creme fraise! 


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