Accreditation Celebration!

7 of our volunteer community organisers who took part in 2015’s VTP have successfully completed accreditation in the practice, principles and purpose of organising. The accreditation is a BTEC Level 3 – which is equivalent to an A Level.

 The accreditation was not easy; Nickie and Laura completed this when training as community organisers and they had a whole year to do it, whilst these guys only had a few months! Alongside with working full time and having homes to run, this group dedicated time to their study and attended all training sessions which led them to the end goal of successfully achieving full credits on their written accreditation.
 Many of the students who completed the accreditation hadn’t written essays since school, and some don’t use computers on a regular basis; however, they all showed determination and tenacity to learn IT skills in order for them to complete and submit their written work.
 To celebrate their achievement, we held a presentation event at Robinsons Brewery in Stockport. Sheila Battersby from the Cabinet Office presented the certificates and explained how and why her department funds this programme. Sheila was extremely impressed with our volunteers in Stockport and was keen to see what we’re up to next.
 David Mellor, from the board at Starting Point, was thrilled to attend our event to find out what we have been up to. It was also a great opportunity for us to find out more about him and his role within the organisation.

  As part of the celebration, we had a tour of Robinsons Brewery where we learnt more about our local beer!

Lots of unusual sights and smells were experienced as we learnt more about how this beer is brewed in Stockport now, and how it was brewed in years gone by.

 After all the hard work and stressful meetings we had whilst completing the VTP, this was a fantastic way for us to meet up and have a good time.

 Of course, we’re not forgetting the individuals who took part in VTP and are listening within their network. They may not have completed the accreditation, but they are doing the hard work within their communities to facilitate local action.
A huge WELL DONE to all 😀


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  1. Patrick McDonald says:

    well done everyone looks like the hard work was worthwhile, how did you get Ryan out of the brewery ? and the last photo looks like Julie is dieing to get in the little girl’s room (pun intended )

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