🐝Our Day Out

To conclude #BeOnline16 we decided to take to Manchester to learn more about this history and why the bee is a symbol of our city. Quite apt for Bee Online Week!

We recognise that to work with us, our volunteers need to feel inspired and enthusiastic – this doesn’t happen if they are kept in the same place. As some of our volunteers are passionate about local history – such as Angie, who helps local people research their ancestry – we thought a walking tour of Manchester would be a way we could all develop new ideas together.

Led by Anne, the fantastic historian and tour guide, we found out alsorts! Did you know that Manchester invented waterproofing? Ever wondered where the Macintosh came from? Or even that there used to be a naked running race across the city in pre Victorian times!

Who knew that John Dalton founded colour blindness!?

This walk has inspired us to create a quiz which all our volunteers and learners can benefit from. Pop into Startpoint to find one.
We will plan future volunteer away days to ensure that the whole team can enjoy a fantastic day out. And what a brilliant way to finish, with afternoon tea and mancunian themed mocktails in town!




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