Prescribing Tablets

Well, last year we had a huge increase in tablet learners looking for advice on how to use their iPad and Android devices; however unfortunately none of us were sure how to use them yet!

In order to get up to speed with this new technology, we have been down to the Apple store with our volunteers to learn how to use the iPad, we also went down to Argos and had a lesson on how to use the Android tablets. Starting Point has been able to loan out a couple of the tablet devices that we have here; however we realised that this wasn’t enough to be totally confident and succinct with the device.

In order to conquer this, we applied to Forever Manchester Stockport Fund and we have now been able to purchase iPads that will be loaned out to our Digital Heroes and Digital Champions. We believe that we learn from trying out new things, and by taking the iPads home and using them to watch programmes on the iPlayer, or taking photos and uploading them to Facebook, we learn by trial and error. This can then be shown to our learners!


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