Internet Start

We have our first Internet Start customer!

Lyn from York Street is an amazing lady who volunteers so much of her time into making sure that York Street Community Centre is a success. She is there to open up for the IT drop in, to help Stockport Homes, and she also makes a great brew! Lyn uses the computer a lot for emails and the work she does with Stockport Homes; however she doesn’t have broadband in her flat and so she has to open up the community centre when she needs to use the internet.

The Internet Start package is great for Lyn because she can now use the internet in her flat and in addition, because she is our first customer to sign up, she will receive a free tablet!

We had a phone call from a local lady this morning who has read about the Internet Start project in the newspaper so it’s great to see that the press release is attracting some attention.

Our Internet Start guides plan on attending both the Arthur Greenwood and York Street open days to talk to people about Internet Start.


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