Why volunteer training is so important at Starting Point

Today we are hosting another of our monthly volunteer days. We have 15 local volunteers spending half a day learning how to replace RAM and batteries on laptops.




At Starting Point we invest a large proportion of our income in supporting our volunteers to learn more. From trainers, to learning material, from room hire to food it’s not only costly but also very intensive for staffing too. So why do it? Because it’s worth every penny.

Today we supported 15 to add memory to a laptop. This would cost at least £25 at a repair shop. We hope that volunteers realise the value of their knowledge but also go one to share their skills with others.

This month we found out that over 80% of our learners asked, that have broadband at home could be on better tariff for not extra cost. For us we want to help people to get online but also stay online. That last piece includes making sure we can support people to make the most cost effective choices possible.

Next week we launch Web Wise Week. Keep posted to find out how we are all helping people to save money when it comes to tech.



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