What Our Learners Say on Housing Day


Starting Point works closely with Stockport Homes to get people online in Stockport, regardless of who their housing provider is. For us it is a partnership which works through trust and an understanding that tea and cake is as vital as wifi when supporting people to make their first steps online.

This year Starting Point has trained 10 digital heroes who have supported 100 local people to get online. In addition, Starting point training officers have helped hundreds more take their first step to a digital future. Below is what some of our learners have said.

Happy Housing Day 2014.

James – Brinnington

I came here not knowing anything about computers. I decided to buy one and didn’t know where to start, my friend tried to help me but even he got stuck on Windows 8. I started coming to Brindale to learn the basics and, although I am slow, I now know what an internet browser is and how I can use it to log into Learn My Way.

I enjoy learning in a calm atmosphere and I am given the time here to take in the information. I go over parts of the course and get clarification from the Digital Heroes. I am never rushed. Two hours doesn’t seem to be enough so I do try to practice at home during the week.

I want to become computer literate, but I’ve also used the internet for things I like such as watching television programmes on iPlayer.

My top tip is to make notes on what you learn!

George – Woodley

I have dementia and it is very hard for me to remember the information. It’s brilliant that I can come down to these sessions and I am given the time to take notes and go over things. I take notes and then I go over it again at home so I can get the hang of it.

I get two busses to get here but it’s worth it. I would walk over hot coals to get here because I am so eager to learn.

I would recommend the sessions to people like me who rely on taking notes and often need to go over things to make sure that they have sunk in.

Margaret – Romiley

I came here with no idea what to do on computers. My daughter told me about these classes because she is too impatient to teach me. Since joining I’ve gone and bought a tablet and a laptop! I’m addicted now. I try and learn at home but I don’t always get the time so coming down to Cherry Tree gives me an hour where I can just get on with it.

Life is so much easier with apps. I don’t use paper bills anymore because I just view the bill on my tablet. It also lets me know how much data I have left on my phone. The volunteers are brilliant, I cannot thank them enough.

Marie – Brinnington

I came here to apply for jobs and use universal job match; however I have been able to learn how to use the computer too. I have learnt more here than anywhere!

My next aim is to learn how to shop online at Littlewoods which I will be doing next week. I’ve realised that the internet can be really useful.

Susan – Brinnington

I come here with my friends who initially came to look for jobs. I’m retired but I am finding that I need the internet for lots of things now, everything is done on computers and I know it will be even worse in ten years’ time so I know that I need to learn.

I don’t have broadband at home and the computers in the library are so slow and there is nobody there to help when you get stuck. I am new to computers so I need someone there to help me.

Since coming to Brindale I have been able to set up an email and learn how to use my Vodafone Rewardz. I have been able to download a voucher for a buy one get one free meal at one of my favourite restaurants. I was able to print the voucher out here, which was brilliant because I don’t have a computer at home, and I took my sister in law for the meal last week. It was lovely!

I am going to look at more offers next week on Groupon!

Anne – Brinnington

I go to the job club on Friday’s but I don’t really get to learn about how to use the computer. I come to Brindale because we have lots of help here. I am using Learn my Way and really feel like I’m getting the hang of using the keyboard and mouse now so it’s making things a lot easier when searching the internet for jobs. I have been able to visit the Asda website and apply online and I know that somebody can help me if there is something I get stuck on.

I would recommend this session to everyone, you get a cup of tea or coffee and you can go at your own pace with help at hand if you need it.

Anne – Edgeley

You hear lots of horror stories about shopping online and I have been wary about it in the past, but we have learnt how to shop safely online. As a group we ordered a food shop from Asda last week to test it out and it was brilliant. The Digital Heroes explained simple things such as the importance of the padlock in the web address bar, which means that the site is secure and it was so easy! The food was delivered on time and it is so much easier if you don’t have access to a car.

Since doing this, I went home and ordered a new cake stand online by myself. I knew everything I needed to look for and I’m looking forward to it arriving in the next couple of days!

I recommend these sessions because you can learn together in a group, it’s very informal so there is no reason to be nervous! And you will learn something new every time!



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