York Street – The Party Continues!

York StreetThe learners at York Street continued from where they left off last week having fun with online shopping! Last week they ordered the food and this week involved a lot of eating! Word spread that there was food involved and we had a few new faces too!

Anne Teapot, one of the regular learners, told us all about how she now has the confidence and knowledge to order things online by herself now. Over the weekend she searched for a new cake stand and used the information she had learnt the previous week to choose a secure website that displays the padlock in the web address bar.

Anne had been very busy, not only has she been shopping online, she has also been playing with the Flight Tracker pro app as recommended by, our amazing volunteer of the month, Sue! Anne has been able to track her son who was flying abroad that weekend. Big brother is watching!!

Brilliant evening – thanks to all who came to join in the fun and games!

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  1. Mark Rogers says:

    Superb. Well done York Street and Startingpoint. Amazing to see the work York Street have done since I met them in Sept 2011

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