Our Final Day of #GONW2014

From Monday to Friday we focussed on showing adult learners the benefits of technology and how having digital skills are not only essential for today’s fast paced world, but also lots of fun too.


On Sunday our amazing and talented volunteers ran the second Stockport CoderDojo. We invited children of all ages to join us in Startpoint to learn how to use code in a relaxed and friendly environment. This session was all about skill sharing and learners helping other learners create their own spooky game using Scratch or Minecraft.

1794645_403947406422748_3786216601859614653_n 10698680_403947686422720_5760024505171075229_n

The key rule of the event is ‘Ask three, then ask me’, which means that learners have to ask at least three of their peers before asking the mentors for the solution to their problem. The session was fantastic as all of the ninjas (learners) were learning through trial and error and experimenting with different methods.

The ninjas had the opportunity to present their project to the rest of the group and the winners were awarded with spooky prizes! What a fabulous end to the week!



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