Day 5 #GONW2014

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Who says learning has to be boring?! Today we played fun games and quizzes whilst utlilising technology.

Our Online Olympics, Olymp-iPad, took place in the training room this morning where learners (some with afros and moustaches) downloaded the most popular game on thr iPad called Two Dots. Our learners found out how to access the iTunes store and how to purchase games onto their Apple devices.

Our Anne-droid (Anne Holland – our tablet expert) helped other learners use the internet to find out answers to our Get Online Week quiz. The quiz will be continued on Tuesday and the prize draw will take place next Friday for all who entered.

In the meantime, Patty (famous for Pat’s Poppies) took the lead in the bowling competition on the Xbox, her name will be engraved in our trophy as she is this years champion!


Throughout all this, we had 4 new learners who did fantastic on Learn My Way. Although I hope they don’t expect fancy dress every week!

Remember that you can use technology for all of your hobbies. Pat has used Safari to access knitting patterns which she has air-dropped to the other knitters so that they can knit poppies together! If you would like to join in, Pat is here every Friday afternoon with her team of dedicated knitters. Although sometimes there is more natter!!


Get Online Week would not have been a success without our fabulous volunteers who got into the spirit of things and made learning fun! Thank you to all of you – you have been amazing!


Watch this space for next year!!


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