Community Organising meets Get Online Week

Russell Gardens? Where’s that?

Residents of Russell Gardens Sheltered Scheme are really proud of where they live. Tucked away near the busy M60 in Stockport, the scheme really lives up to its name. The flower beds and gardens are really pretty and loved by the residents there. There is also a lot going on there from bacon butty mornings to organised car trips to morrisons. Residents wanted to share what they get up to to their family and friends and also show prospective new tennants how great it is there.

We thought that Facebook was the pay forward and after a morning of tuition Russell Gardens now have their own Facebook page “Russell Gardens Stockport”. Next week Julie is volunteering to gatecrash their coffee morning and sit with people individually to add pictures and understand how to communicate using Facebook for the first time.

Nicola, who set up the event said “It’s great that people who arent online understand that most of their family are and that its a way to share their lives. A lot of what we have done with technology this week has tackled social issues as well as digital ones. In Cherry Tree they bought food online as they live in an isolated part of Stockport with no easy access to supermarkets. Its so much more that just learning to use the internet, it’s also finding solutions to problems that have been around for quite a while.”



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