Madness but Productive

Sometimes I wonder if, from the outside, people think we are crazy. Our approach to getting people online isn’t always conventional and at times has included t-shirt folding and soup making. Today was one of the days that I thought that and for two very separate reasons.

This afternoon whilst sat tucking into a cocktail sausage and a few breadsticks at Cherry Tree computer club, a local man looked through the window. He was expecting a computer club of some sort but all he could see want a table full of people tucking into party food. Ryan ran out to ask if he was okay. His tablet was in airplane mode and he didn’t know why. Ryan showed him how to change it but he couldn’t help but ask where the computer club was. It’s here. This is it. This, is our computer club.

Last week our group took a big leap to buying food online. All our party food was bought from Asda online. This is a big deal for our community at Cherry Tree where they aren’t serviced with a large supermarket. Our older learners feel that the convenience is a great advantage but they were worried about the safety of putting in credit card details. Seeing the full journey has put their minds at rest. Meeting Peter the delivery man and seeing the correct amount charge was reassuring and they certainly enjoyed the food.


Which takes me back to my first point. We had a visit from Paul from Talk Talk and Greg from Tinder Foundation. What they saw was a group of people eating food but what Julie and Ryan were doing was tackling digital and social exclusion, just minus the technology (this week). Madness maybe but really effective and great fun. Quiz and handout to be added later.



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