It’s Party time for Get Online Week 2014 #GOLW2014

What to do for go on line week! I know let’s have a party. So how could we incorporate getting online with a party? Let’s order party food online for delivery on the day of the party.  So with much deliberation about costings and making sure we didn’t go over budget everyone selected what they wanted to eat and added it to the basket. We had to say no to the champagne that Christine and Katrina had priced up as we wouldn’t have had any food. Tony and Peter were a little disappointed there was no trolley to push up the aisles.

IMG_0260    IMG_0259   IMG_0265

Sadly some of our group couldn’t make the party but did enjoy selecting food Margaret even managed to find time to make the most gorgeous chocolate and tiramisu cakes.

IMG_8521    IMG_8519   IMG_8517To top the event off Greg from the Tinder foundation and  Paul from Talktalk managed to join in our celebrations and get to chat to some learners all in all a fantastic event. Thanks to the PCSO’s  they had plenty of hot air to blow the balloons up Jean for the coordinated table laying everyone else  that supported and helped make this a success.


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