22 Tuesday

Day 2 of Get Online Week saw us supporting 22 learners in 3 separate classes. Our two classes at Start Point coffee shop saw lots of new learners and some familiar friendly faces. We learnt a mixture of new skills including watching football on You Tube and connecting to printers.

At York Street, our learners are hot on the heels of Cherry Tree by planning a party for next week. When we say planning though, the rules are that it all has to be done online. Invitations, posters and food shopping.

We used the digital unite guides on how to shop online http://digitalunite.com/guides/shopping-banking/online-shopping/how-order-groceries-online and encouraged everyone to have a go finding some party food they would like to see. Finally we smiled nicely at Nickie and encouraged her to hand over her credit card to pay for it all, after discussing the safest ways to pay for goods online. As tutors, we found allowing people to experience the full journey from registering to payment has really taken the fear out of buying goods online with 6 out of 8 learners saying they would try it now.

What made the day even sweeter (in addition to funding confirmation from Tinder – thank you so much for supporting Starting Point to support us) was an award from Stockport Star Awards for working in partnership with Stockport Homes to create our fab little club. We will keep you posted with photos of the party next week.

mugs ryan star award

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