Photos mean the word to Irene

When Irene replaced her laptop with a Windows 8 machine, she realised she needed help. She started to attend Starting Point’s sessions at Cherrytree early this year and has found that she has gained much more than Windows 8 skills.

Caring for her husband, Irene feels anxious when apart from him but has found that learning to take pictures and emailing has helped her connect with all her family whilst having a short break away from home.

In addition to emailing, she is now able to use Skype to contact her family living abroad.

Today she worked with James, our newest recruit to:
• Take photos
• Download from the camera
• Add to emails
• File photos in folders

This is a picture that Irene took during a session of James which she then sent via email & the latter is of her beloved family. Well done Irene and thank you to James & Julie to supporting the sessions.

The cherry tree sessions are free to attend and run every Wednesday from 1.30pm.




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