Award Winning Digital Heroes Project With Stockport Homes

It turned out that Thursday was a day of celebrations. Shortly after Ryan won a Technology for Good Award, we were celebrating another win at the national TPAS awards. Stockport Homes picked up the award for Digital Inclusion project in which the heroes work we have been doing is a great part. Because of this we thought we would share one hero story with you. Thanks to Frank for sharing his story.


“I returned to Stockport two years ago after fifteen years. I did not know anyone in Woodley. When I heard about volunteering for Starting Point and the Stockport Homes digital heroes project I thought it would be a “nice idea” as I had some knowledge of computers. I did not realise the benefits and satisfaction it would give me. When the Arthur Greenwood computer club started I was reasonably proficient at teaching so started to help people with the help of Nicola and Ryan, and later Laura from Starting Point.

Now in the community I hardly walk a hundred yards without someone saying hello Frank or stopping for a chat. A lot different from two years ago. I now know a lot of lovely people in an excellent community. I also realised that I have a talent for teaching and am so lucky that I will shortly be attending a course at Starting Point which will give me a formal teaching qualification.

I am so thrilled that the Arthur Greenwood computer club is gradually becoming so successful and a real friendly atmosphere, especially since I had a large part in the initial set up. To anyone thinking of volunteering I have to say that the rewards are far greater than ever I could have imagined. To see someone who initially had no idea about computers and to know that I had encouraged them to attend the club and now they have a certificate in computing is a great pride for me.”


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